If you’re a game player, or you just visit The Cheapskate occasionally, you might understand that Epic Games offers the free game every 7 days. Each Thursday brings a brand new surprise, with past several weeks featuring games like GTA 5, Civilization VI, Borderlands and Watch Dogs 2. This week, Epic is offering away Pine, a $25 open-world action-adventure game.

Pine requires the question, “Could a person survive on an entire world by which humans aren’t in the top of the meals chain?” There really are a half-dozen species here in order to contend with, and a person can choose to battle or ally with every one of them. The game is chock-full of exploring with a few crafting, negotiating, bartering plus fighting thrown in. Pine has aggressively mixed testimonials, with critics citing a few uninspiring gameplay that won’t live up to the particular trailer. But you have got an advantage that players who came early in order to Pine didn’t: You may get it for free of charge. 

If you’re brand new to Epic’s weekly free items, here’s how it functions: If you don’t curently have one, sign on with a free Epic account. Then just claim this particular week’s game and they have yours to maintain forever. You don’t even need in order to install it right aside. You can claim Pine anytime between now plus the morning of Thursday, May 13. 

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