Last Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets a February Release Date, Trailer Teases Vincent, Cait Sith

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the 2nd part of Square Enix’s bigger Final Fantasy VII Remake task, has actually locked down a February 2024 release date. Throughout the current State of Play display, Square Enix dropped a brand-new trailer for FF7 Rebirth, and the video game is definitely looking excellent.

On the gameplay front, we see a range of wide-open phases (whether this is a full-on open world video game is yet to be seen) that can be passed through with a range of cars. We likewise get a take a look at some unforgettable places, consisting of the Gold Saucer theme park. We get verification that Cait Sith we be a playable character and a very first tease of Vincent Valentine. Oh, and did I point out the boxing minigame is still in? Yeah, there’s a lot loaded into this trailer. You can have a look at the brand-new FF7 Rebirth trailer on your own, listed below.

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In a brand-new interview on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix associate Gillen McAllister verified that Cait Sith and Red XIII will be totally playable characters in FF7 Rebirth, however hinted Vincent will just end up being a complete celebration member in the 3rd chapter of the upgrade.”The initial celebration members are all present in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In the previous title, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Red XIII ended up being an accompanying member in the 2nd half of

the video game, however he will end up being an authorities, playable celebration member beginning with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. There are characters who are accompanying members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, that will end up being main celebration members in the next title.” In addition to the characters above, Square Enix hints you’ll have the ability to manage Sephiroth for a particular scene. When it comes to the scope of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you can anticipate two times the

variety of sidequests as FF7 Remake, with all the video game’s minigames (and even some brand-new ones )rollovering. You can anticipate the story to continue up till the point when you go into The Forgotten City/Capital in the initial video game, although, naturally, the precise series of occasions will alter in the remake. Last Fantasy VII Rebirth releases on PS5 on February 29, 2024.

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