Last Fantasy VII Rebirth Official Document Reveals Open-Ended Gameplay, New Combat Abilities For Main Cast

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth appears to have actually resolved among the most significant concerns of the initial, as a main file from Square Enix recommends the video game will have open-ended gameplay in the vein of a full-on open-world title.

The file, which can be discovered on the Square Enix Press site, offers a summary of the upcoming RPG. In the System area on page 13, the video game’s world is stated to be divided into a number of areas, every one providing various environments to check out, and gamers are complimentary to choose where to go and how to arrive.

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The brand-new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth file likewise offers some extra details on the playable cast, along with brand-new 3D renders. Surprisingly enough, it appears both Cloud and Tifa will have some aerial capabilities, and Aerith will have the ability to warp around the battleground. Battle versus aerial opponents in Final Fantasy VII Remake felt truly cumbersome, so it is excellent to hear that the advancement group resolved this concern too.

Last Fantasy VII Rebirth introduces on PlayStation 5 on February 29th, 2024 worldwide. The video game will be a PlayStation 5 unique for just 3 months, so it will not take as much to see the video game launch on PC and possibly other platforms as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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