Last Fantasy XVI PC Version and 2 DLCs in Development; More Info Expected Before Year’s End

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During PAX West 2023’s ‘Voices from Valisthea’ panel, Square Enix debuted a brand-new message from Final Fantasy XVI manufacturer Naoki Yoshida.

The primary news shared by Yoshida-san is that, following the favorable fan response to the PS5 launch in late June, the designers are now dealing with 2 paid DLCs and the PC variation. Yoshida stated he wishes to have the ability to supply more details on DLCs and the PC port prior to completion of the year.

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The video game might not arrive on PC precisely when the six-month PS5 exclusivity ends, then, however it might still be readily available on the platform prior to its very first anniversary.

Yoshida likewise revealed the launch of Final Fantasy XVI upgrade 1.10. This spot includes the weapon transmogrification function (you might alter your weapon’s skin to that of any in your ownership while keeping the statistics of the presently geared up weapon) and alternate attire for Clive, Jill, Torgal, Ambrosia, and Joshua.

Each gamer is likewise granted the Onion Sword from Final Fantasy III. This product can be declared after reaching a particular point in the story through the brand-new Redeemable Items choice in the System menu. The Onion Sword has the very same statistics as the other DLC weapons offered in Final Fantasy XVI (the Blood Sword and Braveheart).

The following balance tweaks are likewise presented by Final Fantasy XVI upgrade together with a couple of bug repairs:

  • Reduces the time after an effective parry at which Eikonic capabilities can be triggered
  • Boosts the time little opponents stay susceptible to follow-up attacks after being raised into the air by the gamer, permitting much easier aerial combination

Final Fantasy XVI introduced as a PlayStation 5 special on June 22nd, making a 9 out of 10 rating in Wccftech’s evaluation.

Last Fantasy XVI declares in a brand-new requirement for Japanese role-playing video games and while the RPG parts themselves are restricted by Square-Enix requirements, it’s the story and gameplay that surpass all expectations. What starts with kingdom-wide subterfuge and damage ends with a world permanently altered and the gamer, as Clive Rosfield and Ifrit together, are the driving force to see it all through till completion.

Square Enix ultimately confessed it wasn’t all that pleased about the sales up until now, which might be why it’s seeking to speed up the advancement schedule of the PC variation. Following the statement of the Final Fantasy XIV Xbox release, the publisher likewise hinted it might tighten its relationship with Microsoft, which might ultimately equate into an Xbox port.

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