Leading 3 USB-C Hubs with SSD Support For Apple Mac tiny [List]

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Looking for an effective USB-C center for your Intel or Apple silicon Mac mini? We are going to list down 3 of the very best ones offered right now.

Include Extra Ports and Storage to Your Mac mini Using One of these 3 Amazing USB-C Hubs

Mac mini is among those computers that has a complete range of ports. Stunning, offered it’s a computer system from Apple. But those ports sit at the back and it would be great if there was a method to gain access to whatever from the front.

What if you can do that? What if you can do that and likewise give your Mac mini a vertical sitting space on your desk? What if you could likewise include more storage to your Mac mini? Too much suspense, I know. So, let me present you to 3 USB-C hubs for the Mac mini that are surely going to impress, beginning with the one everybody loves and knows.

SATECHI Type-C Stand & Hub with SSD Enclosure

When it pertains to visual looks, nobody does it much better than Satechi. It almost seems like it’s a business owned by Apple. It blends in seamlessly with their products. This USB-C hub is no different at all.

This USB-C center sits under the Mac mini- Apple silicon or Intel-and links using a USB-C cable at the back. When connected, you get access to a quick USB-C port

that supports approximately 5Gbps speeds. There are also 3 USB-A ports, an earphone jack and a number of card slots. Rather of having a single card slot, this one has 2. Among those card slots is for microSD while the other one supports the complete size SD card. You can anticipate UHS-I speeds from these slots so you won’t be slowed down while

copying something to your Mac mini. Satechi might have ended the story there, however it went a mile further by consisting of an M. 2 SATA drive support inside the USB-C center. This means you can include additional storage to your Mac mini for just about anything. If you think the base 128GB or 256GB storage is not going to cut it for your workflow, this is a particularly fantastic feature. Simply add an M. 2 SATA drive to the center, connect it to the back of your Mac mini and boom, you now have extra storage apart from extra ports at the front.

A center like this must cost a great deal of cash but Satechi is just asking $106.99 for it which is not a bad deal at all. This is the example which you’re just going to purchase when and will sit under your Mac mini for several years to come.

Buy SATECHI Type-C Stand & Hub with SSD Enclosure

Qwiizlab USB C Hub with Dual Drive Enclosure

If you believe the Satechi drive is limited in regards to storage then this alternative from Qwiizlab is definitely going to impress with extra functions.

The Satechi enclosure, while an amazingly crafted hub, just accepts a single NVMe drive to expand the storage of the Mac mini. This center from Qwiizlab has space for two SSDs. One of them is NVMe while the

other is SATA. If you like having extra option, you have it here. The hub continues getting better when you look at the range of ports that it provides. At the front, you get 2 USB-A ports that support as much as 5Gbps speeds, there’s a USB 3.1 port which supports speeds of up to 10Gbps. microSD and SD card readers are also there while the latter assistances UHS-I speeds. Rounding things up is the single USB-C 3.1 port that supports 10Gbps speeds.

At the back, you get two USB-C ports that are utilized to link this center to your Mac mini while there’s also a DisplayPort port with support for 4K output at 60Hz. There’s likewise HDMI with assistance for 4K output at 60Hz. If you require additional HDMI, you’ll discover it here.

The most significant highlight of this center is support for two drives at the very same time – NVMe and SATA SSD. You can likewise use a SATA HDD, if you have one lying around.

For a rate of $105.99, this is not a bad offer at all. This center will even work with the Mac Studio.

Purchase Qwiizlab USB C Hub with Dual Drive Enclosure

Minisopuru Mac Mini Dock

Last however not the least in our list of centers is one that will not only add more functionality to your Mac mini, however also conserve you some valuable desk space.

The Minisopuru dock functions as a stand that keeps your Mac mini upright. If you ever wanted to save space on your desk, this is the sort of dock you need to buy.

Simply dock your Mac mini in the space offered, and it’s up to you where you wish to place your Mac mini on the desk. We will advise hiding it away behind your display for that very little and tidy look. Rest depends on you.

There is area for adding M. 2 MVMe or a SATA drive in this dock – simply one, to be specific. But that single drive is enough to approve you extra space you may want to contribute to your Mac mini.

In terms of ports, everything is quite minimal here. The hub actually, really focuses on USB-C ports therefore you get 2 of them on the side and both are 3.2 Gen2. You also get an SD card slot and a microSD card reader. You may desire to utilize the ones behind your Mac mini if you’re looking for USB-A. But hey, who utilizes USB-An anyhow these days, right?

This center costs simply $59.89 and it is quite low-cost. If you need a vertical stand for your Mac mini that likewise happens to be a center, this is a very practical alternative.

Buy Minisopuru Mac Mini Dock

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