Leakages may provide an early take a look at Apple’s iPhone 15 color-matched braided USB-C cable televisions

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The iPhone 15 launch is almost here, and we probably understand whatever there is to learn about the upcoming 4 handsets. But we keep getting last-minute reports, like a claim that the iPhone 15 Ultra name change is taking place after all. And a leak revealing the purported braided color-matching iPhone 15 USB-C cable televisions that may deliver in package with each brand-new iPhone design.

This is a quite interesting rumor for me. However not due to the fact that I plan to update to among the iPhone 15 designs. Since I desire my iPhone and its charging cable television to rock the same color, or. It’s the braided part that’s really interesting.

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( )mid-article”). addSize( [[ 300,250], [2,2], [2,4], [4,2]].;<);. The Lightning cable television that included my iPhone 14 Pro is still inside the handset's box, unblemished. I've utilized braided third-party cables to recharge my iPhone for several years. And while I spent extra to buy them, I've probably saved money in the long run.

Those default iPhone rubber cables routinely break, and I’ve had to handle the problem in the past. The most convenient fix is purchasing brand-new ones. Sure, you can utilize tape to reseal the exposed wires, but I’ve stopped thinking about that approach.

Braided cables, on the other hand, generally last a lot longer. Sure, they can break too, however they’re certainly more long lasting. Unfortunately, mine is available in black, so it doesn’t match the purple iPhone 14 Pro I’m rocking.

Apple currently sells braided color-matched charging cables with the MacBook Air and Pro designs. The Apple Watch Ultra also has a braided charging cable television. And we did see rumors in previous years declaring the iPhone will get its own braided cables from Apple.

user Majin Bu showing pictures of supposed USB-C to USB-C cable televisions for the iPhone 15. They appeared in numerous colors apparently matching the upcoming iPhone 15 versions. But the user said they could not attest the source of the images. After that, MacRumors found images from a various Twitter user who reportedly had access to design recognition test (DVT) samples of the color-matched braided USB-C cables for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus variations. The person told MacRumors that the cable televisions need to can be found in white, black, yellow, purple, and orange( pink) color alternatives. These may match the colors of the iPhone 15 variations they ship with.

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<);. Color choices aside, I desire this report to come true. They mark Apple's switch to braided cable televisions for the iPhone if these cable televisions are genuine. Future designs need to also use the same type of cables. And because these are USB-C cables they'll deal with all USB-C gadgets you might own.

As for color matching, I ‘d expect the iPhone 15 Pro to follow the exact same technique.

Apple will reportedly reveal the iPhone 15 series on September 12th. That’s when we’ll discover for specific what is available in the iPhone 15 box.

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