Leaked memo shows big modifications are pertaining to Starbucks Rewards

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If you go to Starbucks frequently, possibilities are great that you're a Starbucks Rewards member. The program lets members build up points (or "stars") with every purchase which they can redeem for free beverages, food, and merchandise. Unfortunately, a lot of those rewards are going to cost twice as many stars next year when Starbucks modifications its program.

According to a memo seen by Business Insider, totally free hot coffee, tea, and baked products will cost 100 stars as of February 13th, 2023. That is double the current rate of 50 stars. Iced coffee and iced tea-- which currently cost 150 stars-- will likewise be offered for 100 stars. Some packaged treats, ham and swiss croissants, and plastic to-go cups will cost 100 stars too. Depending on what you usually order, this could be a great move or a bad one.

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Meanwhile, handmade beverages (which include espressos, cappuccinos, and seasonal beverages) and hot breakfast items will now need 200 stars (up from 150). If you want a sandwich, a salad, or a protein box, you'll require to invest 300 stars (up from 200). You'll also have the ability to redeem 300 stars for packaged coffee for the very first time.

Finally, product like signature cups and accessories can still be redeemed for 400 stars. You can also still customize your drink for 25 stars.

While the worth of specific items will be changing, the method of obtaining stars will not. The memo specifies that Starbucks Rewards members will continue to receive one star for every $1 they spend, or two stars per $1 utilizing a pre-loaded digital or physical Starbucks card.

The memo states that the modifications were necessary to "ensure the health of the program and satisfy the evolving needs of our consumers." It's clearly still worth being a member of the program for the occasional totally free beverage or baked good if you check out Starbucks regularly. It just might take a touch longer to qualify for your preferred freebie in 2023.

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