Leave The Torches At Home And Bring Goal Zero's Skylight On Your Next Camping Trip

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Having enough light to see at night while camping is nice, especially if you aren't at a traditional campground. You'll want to make sure you have a consistent way to cook and maintain contact in case of emergency, but also lighting at night is a concern when camping. Many people will bring things like rechargeable lanterns or torches, but another option would be going with a skylight for the campsite, and Goal Zero's offering could do the job, according to user reviews.

While this will set you back $300 from Amazon, you're getting a lot of value for the purchase. You get four different brightness settings powered by six LED lights, and the big benefit of this skylight is its ability to go up to 12 feet in the air. This will easily provide visibility for your site and the surrounding area for your camping party. 

You'll need a portable power station to get the full potential of this light, but that's likely something you already have or plan on grabbing if you're camping like this. You can run it off the internal battery, but you'll only get about eight hours on low, so an external source is pretty valuable. Goal Zero offers its own portable batteries, like the Yeti 1000, that would work very well here. In a pinch, this could even be a good light for your home in the case of a power outage.

Customer impressions of the Skylight

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Dropping $300 on a skylight is a big investment, especially if you're not sure how you'll use it. In the case of Goal Zero's skylight, there's a 4.4/5 average product rating on Amazon, which is certainly not bad at all. Even further, Google user reviews for the product come in at a perfect 5/5, so buyers have been pleased with their purchase, too.

If you already have a collection of lights or torches that you use while camping, it might be a tough pill to swallow to ditch all that in favor of this skylight, especially if you've shelled out a similar amount of money. That said, camping isn't the only way this light can be used, as Goal Zero recommends it for tailgating and construction worksites, too. 

It'll ultimately come down to what you can fit into your budget, but this is certainly something worth considering if you can spring for it. It's backed by a two-year warranty from Goal Zero, and also includes Amazon's 30-day money back guarantee return policy if you're not happy with the purchase. If you're guaranteed to get a lot of uses out of it, and don't already have an existing set of lights at a similar price point, there's a lot to like with the Skylight.

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