Lenovo & AMD Sign Exclusivity For Ryzen 7 7840S & Ryzen 5 7640S APUs In YOGA Air Laptops

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Lenovo has launched its new YOGA Air 14s laptops geared up with AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840S & Ryzen 5 7640S “Phoenix” APUs

Lenovo’s YOGA Air Laptops Exclusively Feature AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840S & Ryzen 5 7640S “Phoenix” APUs

The Lenovo Yoga Air 14S, referred to as Yoga Slim 7 Gen 8 in the EU, will exclusively include the AMD Ryzen 5 7640S and the Ryzen 7 7840S “Phoenix” APUs which have stood for the very first time and seem to be unique to Lenovo (OEM partner).

While AMD hasn’t revealed the official requirements of these Ryzen 7040S APUs, they do appear to include the same specs as their “U”brother or sisters. For a fast wrap-up, these AMD Ryzen 7040 APUs can be found in FP7 and FP8 setups, with the latter one including AMD’s MIPI CSI, which assists in media transmission. ITHome reports that Lenovo has actually stated that performance may differ in Microsoft’s Studio Effect and AI-driven media applications through the Ryzen AI engine.


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