Lenovo Is Working on Its Own Steam Deck Competitor

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A steam Deck in its case against a wood table

< img alt =" A steam Deck in its case versus a wood table" data-chomp-id=" 26a53264df0bae3eaf1fe467a95771c3" data-format= "jpg" data-alt=" A steam Deck in its

case versus a wood table “data-anim-src=” “src=” https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/c_fit,f_auto,g_center,q_60,w_645/26a53264df0bae3eaf1fe467a95771c3.jpg” > The high-powered portable video gaming market keeps growing, and nowLenovo is reportedly participating the mix. The company had actually formerly begun on then dropped a handheld streaming gadget, but a brand-new report states Lenovo has its eyes set on a complete portable gaming maker comparable to a Steam Deck.This” Legion Go “device might be Lenovo’s break into the handheld console market. According to anonymous sources mentioned by ROG Ally. It’s also a little larger than the more pricey Ayaneo Geek. There’s no word yet what type of cost point Lenovo is aiming for.

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