Lenovo Legion Go Handheld To Feature AMD Ryzen Z1 APUs & AR-Powered Gaming Experience

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Lenovo Legion Go will be much more than a basic portable device and the 2nd console to be powered by AMD’s Ryzen Z1 APUs. Windows Report discloses that the highly-anticipated handheld will include separate AR glasses for an immersive experience.

Lenovo’s Legion Go Will Feature Everything One Could Wish For in a Handheld Console Including AMD’s Power-Efficient Ryzen Z1 APUs

In our previous coverage, we talked about the prospective appearance of the device, however we have obtained much more information now. Beginning with the style language, Lenovo has actually embraced a “hybrid” technique, combining popular aspects from its rivals and incorporating them into a single package. This declaration is backed by the reality that Lenovo Legion Go has detachable joysticks, Steam Deck design language, and onboard requirements similar to ROG Ally.

Before going into specs and other stuff, let’s go over Lenovo’s AR Glasses. This technique by the company is somewhat doubtful given that the domain of augmented truth hasn’t transitioned into portable gadgets, and I believe this is Lenovo’s method of standing out. Lenovo aims to supply users with an immersive gaming experience, embracing a similar path to what Apple’s

recently-announced”Vision Pro”follows. However, this does have some restrictions, with the primary one being power consumption management. Considering that it is said that the AR Glasses might be connected with a Lenovo Legion Pro USB-C port, this merely suggests that the business will need to make refinements in the power shipment department, which could put performance at stake. This is simply an assumption, though, as if Lenovo wants it might slap a 75Wh (19,500 mAh) battery, comparable to AYANEO’s KUN, and get the job done.

Coming to the anticipated features of the Legion Go, it might consist of an 8-inch screen with much smaller sized bezels than its counterparts. It likewise comes with the normal buttons setup with a trackpad (special to Steam Deck), for this reason justifying the “hybrid” method Lenovo has taken with the gadget. At the back of the device, you will see the typical trigger buttons needed for an appropriate experience; nevertheless, the diagram reveals a kickstand for placing the gadget anywhere you desire.

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