Lenovo Legion Go Handheld With AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU & LPDDR5-7500 Memory Leaks Out

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Lenovo’s upcoming Legion Go handheld will feature a much faster variant too with AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APUs & LPDDR5-7500 memory as identified in a leakage.

Lenovo Legion Go Handheld To Feature Better Specs Than ASUS’s ROG Ally, Powered By The Same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU But Better RAM Options

Our previous coverage of the upcoming Lenovo portable highlighted several brand-new aspects one must expect with the Legion Go. Amongst them was the inclusion of different AR glasses for the portable gadget, possibly providing users with an immersive experience. However, we did question how Lenovo would eject such efficiency from an 8-inch device, however today’s info has actually created a brilliant picture.

The respectable fellow @AnhPhuH has actually gotten the anticipated specifications for”Legion Go “from BAPCo’s database, which exposes that the company will undoubtedly utilize both AMD Ryzen Z1 & Z1 Extreme APUs, which were made popular after the inclusion in ASUS’s ROG Ally. The processors hold tremendous power, which we will come later. Apart from the onboard powerhouse, it is also pointed out that the Legion Go will feature 16GB LPDDR5-7500 RAM, which is the fastest we have actually seen being made use of in a portable.

The benchmarks listed below reveal the basic Z1 APU leading the charge because it is set to the “Best Performance” mode whereas the Z1 Extreme configurations are set to “Best Battery” modes.

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