LG's new 27-inch travel suitcase television is so unusual that I require to attempt it

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You're not residing in the future if you don't have a 27-inch luggage television. The StanbyME Go tv produced by LG can last up to 3 hours on a charge, has four integrated speakers, supports AirPlay and voice control, and has a multitouch screen.

This luggage TV from LG appears like an iPad crossed with a video gaming monitor while likewise being the long-lost cousin of Samsung's The Frame or The Sero TVs. While one South Korean business concentrates on trendy design, the other is all about portability.

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In addition to a news release, LG likewise released an ad showing various situations of how the StanbyME Go TV could be utilized when you're camping or cooling by the pool and you wish to listen to your favorite songs, play chess with your friends, or simply carry a television around.

LG describes the StanbyME Go as a "new, ingenious display screen and home entertainment center that allows users to bring a quality entertainment experience wherever they go without sacrificing benefit or quality [...] It is attached to a stand within a smooth case and can be slanted, rotated, raised, and reduced while in landscape and portrait orientations and table mode."

Although I missed its statement a month earlier, anybody in the US can now preorder this travel suitcase television and get an LG Xboom 360 Bluetooth speaker to level up their TV-on-the-go experience.

" Content watching is no longer restricted to the living room or perhaps the home, but previously, consumers have actually had to compromise screen size in favor of mobility," said David Park, Head of HE Product Marketing. "LG StanbyME Go makes the major viewing experience travel-friendly and offers a flexible alternative for streaming, listening, remote working, and more."

The TV runs LG's webOS software, supports AirPlay, and mirrors both iPhone and Android gadgets. It costs $999 and will be available on LG's website later on this month.

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