Lies of P Is Getting Balance Tweaks, DLCs, and a Sequel

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The Soulslike video game Lies of P ended up being a huge success for NEOWIZ, offering over one million systems in less than a month (regardless of being offered on Game Pass) and making a favorable reception from fans and critics alike. Here on Wccftech, Lies of P made an 8 out of 10 rating from Francesco De Meo:

Wearing its impacts on its sleeves, Lies of P is a strong replica of FromSoftware's Bloodborne that handles to remain enjoyable for the whole period of a single playthrough of around 20 hours in spite of a significant absence of development. While the callbacks and nods to the video game that influenced it might be a little too outright, NEOWIZ has actually established a strong video game that all soulslike fans can delight in if they can keep their expectations in check.

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It's not a surprise, then, that the designers are preparing to support the video game as much as possible. In today's Director's Letter, Ji Won Choi exposed a few of the balance modifications that will be presented with the next video game upgrade due later on this month.

Particular blades and manages will be rubbed so that they can be appropriately utilized in the Weapon Assemble system. NEOWIZ likewise prepares to alleviate the problem of Lies of P in the video game's early phases by making the Rising Dodge move readily available as a default ability. The NPC merchant Polendina (the individual puppet of Antonia and the receptionist of Hotel Krat) will offer 2 extra Quartz from the very first phase of his store.

Visual personalization will be enhanced, too. The neighborhood had actually asked for the capability to use glasses and hats at the very same time, and the designers are complying by presenting a devoted slot for facial devices. NEOWIZ wants to thank Lies of P gamers by gifting everybody the outfit used by fan-favorite NPC merchant Alidoro. There will be more in the November spot, with complete information to be shared quickly.

The Director's Letter likewise sought to the future, verifying what we had obtained from task listings: a Lies of P DLC is certainly en route, and Ji Won Choi revealed a number of idea arts of a crashed ship and undersea base as teases. A lot more remarkably, the director quickly verified that a follow up will be made, although it's most likely it'll take years before it can be launched. Finally, NEOWIZ is preparing the launch of the Lies of P soundtrack, which will include more than 60 tracks from the video game.

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