Local Evil Sales Have Surpassed 150 Million Units Globally, Selling Another 4 Million Units in Three Months

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Global Resident Evil sales have actually exceeded 150 million systems worldwide, publisher Capcom has actually revealed.

Capcom released its monetary outcomes for the 2nd quarter of its existing (FY23), and in the newly released report, the publisher has actually consisted of upgraded sales figures for the Resident Evil franchise. According to the report, more than 150 million systems within the Resident Evil series have actually been offered since September 30, 2023. Back in July of this year, Capcom reported to have actually offered 146 million systems within the franchise. This suggests that Capcom handled to offer another 4 million systems of the franchise in 3 months. Comparing the publisher's leading title system sales in between the 2nd and very first quarter, a big part of these extra sales can be credited to Resident Evil 4 Remake (490.000 systems), Resident Evil 2 Remake (530.000 systems), and Resident Evil 3 Remake (430.000 systems).

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