Loki season 2: McDonald’s teaser confirms a big spoiler

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Loki season 2 is coming to Disney Plus If the strikes aren’t over by then), in early October )unless Disney chooses to move things around. While we wait, we’ll see a lot of marketing stunts promoting the extremely prepared for MCU TV program, and everything starts with a massive Marvel-McDonald’s partnership that came to light a couple of days earlier.

You may have seen the Loki season 2 McDonald’s scenes everywhere by now. I’m not speaking about the one in the Loki 2 trailer, however the scenes that McDonald’s included in its current As Featured In Meal campaign. It shows Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) conference in the most uncommon way, inside a McDonald’s.

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( )mid-article”). addSize( [[ 300,250], [2,2], [2,4], [4,2]].;.);. This is the first time the two characters have actually seen each other since the big ending of Loki season 1. And this marketing partnership seems to describe what Sylvie has actually been doing because killing Kang (Jonathan Majors) and unleashing the multiverse.

While that’s not a spoiler anymore, you must know that big Loki season 2 spoilers may follow listed below. That’s since the McDonald’s project seems to confirm a plot leak floating around.

Even if you hate Marvel spoilers, there’s no escaping this Loki-Sylvie dynamic. It’ll probably occur early in season 2, thinking about Sylvie is a huge character. And it makes sense for Marvel to tease her location of work in among the trailers and in McDonald’s new promo.

Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in Loki season 2 trailer 1.

 Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in Loki season 2 trailer 1. While you may avoid seeing trailers to preserve the secret, there’s no getting away these McDonald’s commercials. Well, at least among them, which shows the Loki-Sylvie scene right at the very end.

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=” h-the-mcdonald-s-loki-season-2-reveal” > The McDonald’s Loki season 2 expose After the season 1 ending, Loki went back to the TVA to describe what took place.

And to find Sylvie, the existing love of his life. There’s no telling just how much time passed between the ending which McDonald’s scene. We do understand it occurs eventually in the ’80s. And Sylvie is really shocked to see Loki and Mobius (Owen Wilson) walk through the doors of her McDonald’s.

Also, we have no idea the length of time Sylvie has been working there, but we a minimum of know why it took place. Per Fast Company, Marvel didn’t always have a McDonald’s partnership in mind for Loki season 2.

Obviously, Loki executive manufacturer Kevin Wright and Sophis Di Martino had a discussion about the future of Sylvie as they were shooting the ending.

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, [4,2]].;.);.” This character had actually been on a decades-long, perhaps centuries-long revenge objective, and the classic trope of those stories is that it’s intense and she’s not thinking of what comes next,” Wright said. “Now she has this minute of chance, where is she going to go?”

” She ‘d most likely be pretty starving,” Di Martino responded after considering it for a 2nd.

Long after this conversation, the group was developing season 2 and thinking of the next chapter for Sylvie. It was hard to discover a brand-new storyline, apparently. Where would she go after killing Kang? That’s how they ended up at McDonald’s.” When we remained in the view of character, this lady who

went on the run as a kid, had actually been going through time, a fugitive of time, residing in apocalypses, never ever being able to slow or relax down, the novelty of strolling into a 1980s McDonald’s looked attractive, “Wright said.” You play a Little League game and go to McDonald’s. You go to a kid’s birthday party at McDonald’s. Somebody like Sylvie would never ever have experienced that and would be really taken by that.” However, bad guy, hero, or naughty god, everyone has to retire someplace. Bear In Mind That Thanos (Josh Brolin) had a whole planet available to him, where he used up gardening and cooking after damaging half of deep space’s living beings.

The big plot leak

Marvel included the 1982 McDonald’s scene to the script, and just then did Wright approach Marvel about a partnership with the popular fast food chain. The rest is history, and you get the scenes in these clips.

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Nevertheless, what’s essential to keep in mind here is that we had a Loki season 2 plot leak that offered us the story’s broad strokes. Total with Sylvie working for Mcdonald’s. That leak said Loki and Mobius would fulfill Sylvie hiding in a McDonald’s in the 70s while searching down an Old Sylvie who will attempt to undo her past.

Obviously, Old Sylvie is the villain of the show, as she wants to prune universes that appeared after her more youthful self killed the Kang managing the Sacred Timeline.

Might that Loki season 2 plot leakage have been wrong, other than for the McDonald’s bit? It’s constantly possible. However, the trailer revealing Sylvie as a McDonald’s cashier likewise consisted of video that appeared to back up other claims from that leak.

We’ll have to wait on October 6th to see how this story unfolds, nevertheless.

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