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Lost Ark maintenance and server status

Are Lost Ark servers down? Here’s how you can check the maintenance and server status for Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has been one of the biggest MMOs in the world since it got its original Korean release back in 2019. With the game now available in North America, it’s gathered an even larger base of players. With so many flocking to the MMO, players will surely be curious about the game’s servers and maintenance schedule. Let’s look at how you can check the Lost Ark server status and see if there’s any planned maintenance.

Lost Ark maintenance and server status

Lost Ark server status

Lost Ark server status can be checked in a couple of ways. On the Official News section of the game’s website, developer Smilegate RPG shares updates about when the game will be taken offline in order for server maintenance to take place. When this happens, you won’t be able to log into Lost Ark. Luckily, downtime doesn’t usually last very long, and Smilegate tries to schedule it during times where there’s a low volume of players on the game. Consider bookmarking this page and be sure to give it a check if you’re having issues getting into the game.

With how popular Lost Ark is, there’s also the likelihood that stress on the servers may prevent further users from logging in. The official Lost Ark Twitter account is great at providing timely updates, sometimes posting before an official news update can go live on the website. Follow this account to get frequent communication from the developers themselves. You can even sign up for notifications so that you’re pinged the minute a tweet goes live.

That’s how you can check the maintenance and server status for Lost Ark. Keep in mind that the game will routinely be taken offline for maintenance, and that server status will vary depending on your region. For more on what you need to know about Lost Ark and the world of Arkesia, stick with Shacknews.