M2 iPad Pro With 16GB RAM Can Run Resident Evil Village At Maximum Visual Settings And Beyond The QHD Resolution

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Capcom's Resident Evil Village is formally offeredfor the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, along with the M1 and M2 variations of Apple's iPad lineup. Previously, it was revealed that the A17 Pro running in the iPhone 15 Pro Max can run the video game remarkably well, however certainly not at optimum image quality. The M2 iPad Pro, with its greater RAM count and effective chipset, can definitely deal with those taxing visual gains, with proof revealing that the premium tablet can provide a smooth video gaming experience with all the visual settings maxed out.

Local Evil Village can consume a massive 11GB of VRAM with the settings maxed out on the M2 iPad Pro

A 2-minute video and a screenshot of Resident Evil Village's visual settings on the M2 iPad Pro were shared by SJV on X, revealing that the effective slate can quickly manage the AAA title. It is likewise worth pointing out that Capcom's RE Engine is among the most enhanced video game engines presently, with even low-end GPUs able to run titles like this one and Resident Evil 4 at a mix of medium and high settings.

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One disadvantage to these video games is that they are VRAM drinkers, and unless you have a GPU that has a minimum of 8GB of video memory offered, you will be not able to crank up those visual settings to their greatest possible worth. Luckily, the M2 iPad Pro that was checked with the video game includes 16GB merged RAM, implying all 16GB is readily available to be made use of as graphics memory.

With the settings maxed out and dipping into a resolution of 2732 x 2048, Resident Evil Village takes in near 12GB VRAM. Regardless, even at that resolution and the settings maxed out, SJV notes that the video game runs efficiently, though there is no efficiency counter revealed on the M2 iPad Pro that will show the framerate. Regardless, it is still remarkable that a video game established for the PC and next-generation consoles has the ability to perform this well on a gadget that can quickly be brought around in your hand.

It will be fascinating to see how Resident Evil 4, which is currently noted on the Apple App Store, carries out on this variation of the M2 iPad Pro. Considered that the remake was likewise established on the very same RE Engine as Resident Evil Village, we anticipate comparable efficiency on this tablet.

News Source: SJV

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