Mass Effect N7 Day Teaser References Andromeda, New Mystery Character Shown [Upgraded]

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Update 2: A 3rd, and most likely last, Mass Effect teaser website has actually gone live, this time concentrated on the word "Nebula." It consists of the following text and another teaser video.


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If you were hoping we were going to discover the identity of the individual in these videos, well, sorry-- they're using a helmet. That stated, they're plainly using N7 equipment and appear to have human-ish percentages, so my previous guess that it's

Liara might be off. Could this potentially be our brand-new lead character? You can see all 3 teaser videos collaborated, listed below.

Update 1: A 2nd Mass Effect teaser page, this one noted under "Oculon,"has actually introduced. It consists of the following text and teaser video bit.///// ACCESS CODE: OCULON-2819-DEFIANCE///

// ACCESS CODE ACCEPTED///// TERTIARY ENCRYPTION DETECTED///// CLASSIFIED: REVIEW BRIEFING MATERIALS ON OFFICIAL ALLIANCE COMMS CHANNELS Could "OCULON-2819-DEFIANCE"be a referral to the in-universe year in which the next Mass Effect will occur? When it comes to the video-- oh so near revealing a face! That stated, it looks most likely to be a female figure and we do not see any sort of long hair, so Liara stays the prime suspect, however who's to state. In another fascinating wrinkle, hardcore fans have actually gone into the significance of a few of the terms being tossed around by Bioware like Epsilon and Oculon. It appears Oculon was BioWare's initial name for Citadel, and a few of the early proposed titles for Mass Effect consisted of the words Epsilon and Oculon. A tip that BioWare is returning to their roots with this one? Titles like Space Age, Element Zero and Epsilon Effect drifted around, however

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