MaxSun Says Its Fine To Have Over 80C Temps On Its Five-Fan GeForce RTX 4090 MGG GPU

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MaxSun just recently released the world’s very first and just GeForce RTX 4090 GPU with five-fans however one user who purchased the card found that the five-fan GPU runs method hotter than the 2-fan NVIDIA Founders Edition and likewise some MSRP-custom designs.

MaxSun’s Five-Fan GeForce RTX 4090 MGG Graphics Cards Runs Over 80C Temps, Customer Support Says It’s Normal

A couple of days earlier, MaxSun, a brand name we do not typically hear about in areas outside of APAC (Asia Pacific) presented its brand name brand-new GeForce RTX 4090 MGG “Mega Gamer” graphics card. The card is rather a distinct style, including the basic triple-slot & triple-fan style with a silver-colored shroud and backplate that’s confined completely in one system.

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The distinct element of the card is that besides the triple-fan cooling service on the top, the card likewise includes 2 small fans on the sides which can assist with cooling the massive aluminum fin stack that this card boasts. This fin stack makes up a 7000mm2 area which is entirely devoted to cooling the graphics card.

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