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MCU Spider-Man and MJ come to Fortnite today

Spider-Man: No Way Home characters joining Fortnite for this year’s Winterfest.

Fortnite players are familiar with Winterfest, the game’s annual event that celebrates the holiday season with exclusive cosmetics and in-game items. Winterfest is making its return once again, bringing along with it some exciting content for players to dig into. Epic Games’ latest collaboration is tied into the winter event. The MCU versions of Spider-Man and MJ are coming to Fortnite as a part of Winterfest.

Epic Games revealed that MCU Spider-Man and MJ are coming to Fortnite with a Winterfest trailer, which can be seen below. The trailer is actually narrated by Spider-Man and MJ, who play a big role in the seasonal event. Players will be able to pick up both Spider-Man and MJ in the Item Shop when it cycles over tonight.

This collaboration is timed with the release of the latest film in the series, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The MCU Spider-Man outfit takes visual inspiration from actor Tom Holland and the suit he dons in the new movie. An alternate style for the outfit changes the suit to a new black and gold variant that appears in the movie as well. There’s also a built-in emote that players can use to mask and unmask themselves.

Following the reveal of the comic book Spider-Man skin that’s featured in the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass, Epic Games said that there will be more Spideys, as well as friends and foes, in the Item Shop. MCU Spider-Man and MJ are the first of this promise. It will be interesting to see if there are more Spider-Man characters that come to Fortnite in the future.

MCU Spider-Man and MJ can be grabbed from the Item Shop later today. In addition, Winterfest is now live, bringing about new holiday-themed challenges and rewards to unlock. For more on the latest happenings in Fortnite, stick with Shacknews.