You’ve probably seen the majority of of Marvel’s films, yet what about the television displays? Timelines in the planet of comics and movies can be greater than a little confusing. And now, since we see Disney Plus start its first Marvel collection, things are about in order to get even more complicated.

Things are becoming *weird(er compared to ever)* for Marvel throughout movies and TV collection.


After more than the decade of movies, TELEVISION shows, shorts and post-credits scenes, there’s a great deal to work through within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And WandaVision provides forced us to re-think how we’ve built this particular original list and exactly what we thought we understood was — and has been not — a component of the MCU.

Editors’ note, April 13, 2021: We’ve starting Phase four, if Disney’s Investor Day announcements are usually any indication (finally, probably; well, to know actually?), and we *still* possess Black Widow to look ahead to, coming July nine. Thing is, this animal of a timeline has not been updated in the while since, well, because there haven’t been any kind of film releases since the particular last round — in addition 2020 was hard, plus no new releases intended no real need in order to work on this.