Outlook will let you plan breaks. 


Some times, work meetings stack upward back in order to back to back. Now, a brand new feature from Microsoft will certainly let you set automated, customizable breaks to provide you a little bit of relief. 

“Wall-to-wall meetings increase tension and allow it to be harder in order to stay focused and involved. And our research displays that even just the sliver of time in between these meetings can assist,” Microsoft said Tuesday in a blogpost.

Cut through the chatter

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Using the particular feature, you are able to decide the particular length of the fractures and whether they arrive in the beginning or end associated with your own meetings. If your company enables the function, it can set the default like starting most meetings five minutes past due. 

In the write-up, Microsoft cited research close to hybrid work. And within this era of operating from home, research is usually showing that there’s the cost to the always-on digital work world. Research from Social Science Research Network found that will nearly 14% of ladies and 5.5% associated with men feel “very” in order to “extremely” fatigued after Zoom calls

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