Netflix really wants to add more online tie-in features.

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Netflix offers surveyed some users on the potential new service known as N-Plus, according to the report Thursday. That program could include custom playlists for Tv shows, behind-the-scenes manufacturing info and podcasts, Protocol reported.

N-Plus would end up being an “online space exactly where you can learn even more about the Netflix displays and things associated with all of them,” the Netflix study said, according to the particular report.

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One of the recommendations in the survey had been for N-Plus to listing all the music utilized in TV shows so customers can make playlists, the record said. Users could furthermore create playlists of their particular favorite series and movies.

N-Plus could even end up being a means for audiences in order to “learn about a prepared show (pre-production) and impact its development with suggestions before filming has completed,” the report mentioned.

A spokeswoman said Netflix sometimes polls its viewers on a broad variety of things.

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