New Alan Wake 2 Patches Released for PC, Xbox and PS5; Here's What They Do

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Remedy Entertainment has actually been presenting numerous Alan Wake 2 spots throughout PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox. Here's what these spots do.

Following the video game's international (digital) launch recently, designer Remedy has actually launched some spots that deal with bugs throughout all platforms. While we did understand that these updates were released, no spot notes were shared - previously. On the main Alan Wake 2 site, Remedy has actually now supplied information about these platform-specific spots. In addition, on Twitter, Remedy's Thomas Puha has actually launched extra information on a brand-new Xbox spot that went live an hour earlier. Spot keeps in mind for this newest Xbox spot aren't consisted of on the video game's site right now.

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The newest Alan Wake 2 spot on Xbox(variation brings parity in between the various platforms and consists of bug repairs and localization repairs. According to Puha, this most current upgrade does not repair the periodic audio problems on Xbox, however the group knows these and is presently dealing with a repair. "It does not", Puha composes on Twitter. "It's Monday. Video game came out on Friday, so we require a little time to pin down the audio problem's source. We are on it."

Not straight discussed in the notes, the most current spots attend to a bug with an accomplishment when getting all weapons.

As for the remainder of the spots that have actually been presented on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S - these primarily consist of localization repairs and bug repairs, although on Xbox, there are a number of repairs for visual and UI-related concerns. We extremely recommend inspecting the main release notes for these updates here.

Alan Wake 2 is out now digitally for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Here's what we discussed the Alan Wake follow up in our launch evaluation:

"Despite not intending to change the survival scary category, Alan Wake II is an incredible video game that nobody who takes pleasure in an excellent trippy scary story ought to hand down. Solution Entertainment truly surpassed themselves, launching their finest video game to date and among the most immersive video gaming experiences of the previous couple of years."

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