New Arc Line Is a Gorgeous Fantasy/Steampunk cRPG in Development at a New Ukrainian Studio

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Yesterday, publisher Fulqrum and designer Dreamate Games revealed New Arc Line, an approaching single gamer cRPG embeded in a world at a crossroads in between magic and steampunk, motivated by the technological transformation of the early 20th century USA.

Here’s the setting summary supplied through news release:

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Your journey begins in the shining city of New Arc. Countless immigrants, mages, and technologists of numerous races show up here by steamboats and zeppelins looking for a much better life. Below the golden exterior, social stress are installing, partition, inequality, and corruption run widespread. A civil war is looming. One single immigrant may tip the balance and choose the fate of this world.

Dreamate Games, a freshly developed Ukrainian designer formed by ex-GSC Game World, 4A Games, Frogwares, and Wargaming staff members, has actually been dealing with New Arc Line for a while, having actually won the Unreal Engine Dev Contest in 2020 and consequently getting the Epic MegaGrant.

In the video game, gamers will be totally free to master the art of magic or develop fatal devices, however that’s simply the pointer of the iceberg. Taking, diplomacy, and even love are guaranteed, along with the expedition of a varied world that consists of the previously mentioned blossoming metropolitan area in addition to wonderful forests. Battle will occur in a turn-based style.

New Arc Line is arranged to introduce on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X next year. The video game’s main Steam page need to go live soon, permitting users to wishlist the title ahead of the upcoming release.

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