New on Disney Plus: September 2023

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Disney Plus has an interesting month of brand-new releases in shop for subscribers this September. Whether you are searching for brand-new originals happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a galaxy far, far, Disney’s streaming service always has you covered.

In September, a new season of I Am Groot hits the streaming service, with more shorts starring everyone’s favorite Guardian of the Galaxy. Several new Marvel specials are releasing in September as well, consisting of Assembled entries for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Secret Invasion, in addition to new Legends episodes about Variants and the TVA.

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What’s brand-new on Disney Plus in September 2023< figure class="

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    • < period class =" embed-youtube" style =" text-align: center;
      • display: block;” > Streaming September 5 All Wet Trolley Troubles Streaming September 6 I Am Groot( Season 2)|All Shorts Streaming The troublemaking branch returns to mischief in the 2nd season of” I Am Groot. “This time, Baby Groot finds himself checking out the universe and beyond aboard the Guardians ‘spaceships, coming face-to-face– or nose-to-nose– with vibrant and new environments and creatures.
    • Vin Diesel is back as the voice of Groot in five brand new shorts. Kirsten Lepore, writer/director of season
      • one, returns in the same capacity for season 2. Star Wars: Ahsoka|Episode 4 Set after the fall of the Empire,” Star Wars: Ahsoka “follows the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, padawan to Anakin Skywalker, as she investigates an emerging risk to
      • a susceptible galaxy. 9/11: One Day in America( S1, 6 episodes) The Little Mermaid Streaming September 8 2000s Greatest Tragedies(

        unique) The Barn Dance Bin Laden’s Hard Drive( special) Bone Trouble George W. Bush: The 9-11 Interview( special)Merbabies Mickey’s Kangaroo Playful Pluto Pluto, Junior Streaming September 13 Marvel Studios

      • ‘ Assembled: The Making of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Sign up with visionary director James Gunn and superstars such
      • as Chris Pratt and Zoe
      • Saldaña as they state how”
      • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3″ was conceived, shaped

      , and delivered to the world. And

      • stand alongside the cast and crew in the emotional final minutes of the shoot as they bid farewell to each other, and close this chapter in the legend of Peter Quill and his loveable band of misfit-warriors. Star Wars: Ahsoka|Episode 5 Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory|All Episodes Streaming Bertie Gregory travels the world to catch unique animals’ every day lives like never ever before and shows all the legendary minutes he and his team face. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir( S5, 7 episodes )Raven’s Home( S6, 4 episodes

    • ) Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends (
    • S2, 7 episodes) Streaming September 15 Lang Plays Disney World distinguished pianist Lang Lang
      • and Disney’s most iconic music come together in this exclusive one night just show at Royal Albert Hall. Through efficiency and documentary segments
    • , the film opens an intimate window into his extraordinary musical
    • journey, speaking to his love for
    • Disney since his childhood in China. Master & Apprentice: A Special Look

    at Ahsoka Dive into the brand-new Star

    • Wars master-apprentice
      • tradition with the cast and filmmakers of Ahsoka. Streaming September 20 Star Wars: Ahsoka|Episode 6 Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion Through extensive interviews with cast and crew, and special behind-the-scenes video, Assembled uncovers how Marvel Studios ‘” Secret Invasion” was born. See what it required to conjure the world
    • of the show, and hang out with Samuel L. Jackson as
      • he dons the patch once again to take part in the most confusing fight of Nick Fury’s profession. The Ghost

      and Molly McGee( S2, 4 episodes)

      • PJ Masks: Power Heroes( S1, 5 episodes) Streaming September 27Star Wars: Ahsoka|Episode 7 To Catch a Smuggler( S5, 8
        • episodes )Pupstruction: Season 1( S1, 6 episodes) Streaming September 29 Marvel Studios Legends |” Variants “and” TVA “Disney’s Launchpad (Season 2)|New Shorts Streaming That’s everything brand-new coming to Disney Plus through the month of September 2023. We’ll be back next month with a list of all the TV shows and motion pictures pertaining to
        • the streaming service in October, consisting of
        • Loki season 2 and the finale of Ahsoka.< h2 class=

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        • What’s brand-new on Disney Plus in August 2023< figure class="
        • wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio” >< period class =" embed-youtube" style=
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        • lazy” class=” youtube-player “src=” “allowfullscreen =” true “style= “border:0;” sandbox =” allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-presentation” > Streaming August 2 Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures |

          . New Episodes Streaming Set during The High Republic

          , in” Star Wars

          • : Young Jedi Adventures “we follow Jedi younglings Kai, Lys, &
            • Nubs as they are sent out by Master Yoda to train at a Jedi temple on the gorgeous world of Tenoo under the tutelage of Master Zia. Together, they launch on experiences across Tenoo and throughout the galaxy aboard the Crimson Firehawk with ace pilot Nash and her android, RJ-83! They’ll assist those in need, clash with atrocious pirates, find exotic animals, however most importantly, they will discover what it suggests to be a buddy. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Farm Dreams( S1, 6 episodes )How Not to Draw Shorts( S1, 5 episodes) Kiff( S1, 4 episodes )Streaming August 4 Rio 2 Streaming August 9
          • High School Musical: The Musical:
          • The Series (Season 4)
          • | All Episodes Streaming After an
          • impressive summer season at Camp Shallow Lake,

          the Wildcats go back to East

          • High where they prepare

          a stage production of”

          • High School Musical 3: Senior Year.” However plans are disrupted when Principal Gutierrez announces
            • that Disney has actually chosen to make the long-awaited” High School Musical 4: The Reunion “motion picture on area at their beloved high school. Chibi Tiny Tales Shorts( S3, 11 episodes) Dino Ranch( S2, 9 episodes )Streaming August 11 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Barnyard Olympics Donald’s Cousin Gus Donald’s Nephews Flying Jalopy Goofy and Wilbur Mickey’s Steam-Roller Streaming
            • August 16 Disney Junior Wonderful World of Songs
            • ( S1, 10 episodes)

            Hamster & Gretel( S1, 4

            • episodes) The Villains of Valley View
            • ( S2, 6 episodes) Wicked Tuna( S12, 20
            • episodes )Streaming
            • August 17 The Wonder Years( S2, 10 episodes) Streaming August 18 LEGO Disney
            • Princess: The Castle Quest In the brand new unique” LEGO ® Disney Princess

            : The Castle Quest, “Tiana,

            • Moana, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Ariel are off on an adventure
            • as they are each all of a sudden carried to a mystical castle. Soon after arriving, they soon find that
            • Gaston has actually hatched a wicked strategy to take control of

            all their kingdoms! The Princess

          • characters should work together to fix

          difficulties concealed deep within the

        • castle walls and try to save their kingdoms from Gaston
          • . Will bravery, quick-thinking, and teamwork prevail? Streaming August 23 Star Wars: Ahsoka|2 Episode Premiere Set after the fall of the Empire,” Star Wars: Ahsoka “follows the previous Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging risk to a susceptible galaxy. Streaming August 25 Cinderella 4K Remaster Explorer: Lost in the Arctic Streaming August 30 Star Wars: Ahsoka|Episode 3 Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life (Season 2)|New Episodes Our 2 tiny troublemakers are back, with even wilder and crazier experiences! In their huge

            city park, Chip and Dale are

            • as eager as ever to increase their acorn stash. However their troubled vibrant
            • makes it difficult for things to ever go right. In addition to Pluto, Donald, and even more Disney characters, the world’s favorite chipmunk duo handle a new piece of trouble! Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes( S1,

              6 episodes )Pretty Freekin

              • Scary( S1, 6 episodes) That’s whatever
              • brand-new coming to Disney Plus through the month

              of August 2023. Do

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