New Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Shows Impressive Visuals, Synergy Mechanics and More

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An impressive new Path of Exile 2 gameplay video has been launched at Gamescom 2023, showing impressive visuals, synergy mechanics, and more.

The brand-new 13-minute video features Druid gameplay with a lot of skills being used, including combining skills, and shapeshifting. This gameplay video is pretty remarkable, and the amount of attention to detail, including the energy guard, is top-notch. We’re truly looking forward to seeing more Path of Exile 2 gameplay going forward. Check out the Druid gameplay below:

As covered last month, Path of Exile 2 is now a full sequel to 2013’s Path of Exile. The video game’s beta is slated to start in June 2024. Those thinking about maintaining to date about the sequel can register through the video game’s newsletter here. Path of Exile 2 has yet to get a release date. The game will provide players a new project with six acts, 100 distinct environments

, 600 beasts, and 100 employers. According to the advancement team, the follow up will feature 12 classes with a brand-new gem system, dual-spec ability tree, brand-new endgame, and far more. “Path of Exile 2 functions twelve character classes, 2 for every single combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence “, the group writes.”While each of the class variations concentrates on a various playstyle, they’re just a starting point. You can combine skills from many classes together to produce your ideal character build.” On the official site, the team includes, “At the conclusion of Path of Exile 2’s six-act project, you’ll get to its endgame. Each of the more than 100 endgame

maps has its own manager fight and modifiers that enable revamped versions of a lot of Path of Exile’s previous leagues. We’ll expose more details of the surprises that await you in Path of Exile 2’s endgame in the leadup to release.” Course of Exile is prepared to be launched on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X |

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