New PC Case & Cooling Manufacturer, APNX, Enters The Market: Unveils AP1-V 245W CPU Cooler With Great Minimalistic Design

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A new case & cooler manufacturer, APNX, has just entered the PC space with its latest product portfolio which includes the C1 Mid-Tower case, AP1-V CPU Cooler, and a range of fans offering minimalistic aesthetics that look great.

APNX Enters The PC Market With Great "Minimalistic" Products Including C1 Mid-Tower Case & AP1-V CPU Cooler

Press Release: APNX is the new kid on the block and the latest member of the Pro Gamersware alliance. They are built on the expertise and experience of industry professionals, ensuring premium-quality end products. With a strong focus on detail, APNX is on a relentless journey to redefine excellence in gaming PC components and hardware. All of their products are fully or partially designed in-house, and then thoroughly tested at every stage of development. Everything is thoughtfully engineered to ensure reliable performance and economical elegance.

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Following are the prices of the product family:

The C1 PC Case

Straight out of the box, the C1 case provides incredible thermal performance. The front mesh panel wraps around the side, for a unique style and unprecedented airflow, whilst the tempered glass side panel showcases your gaming hardware beautifully. The interior has been expertly engineered to have ample space, accommodating an extensive range of components. Equip your PC with up to an ATX motherboard, a 395mm long GPU, three storage drives (either 2.5” or 3.5”), and a PSU up to 270mm long. Plus, there are dedicated chambers for the power supply and cable management, to keep the air flowing and the clutter down.

The C1 PC Case has been crafted for premium cooling and outstanding aesthetics. There are three models in the line-up to choose from: classic Black, fresh White, and the stunning ChromaFlair with an iridescent finish.

  • Mid tower case
  • 90-degree mesh panelling
  • Supports up to 11 fans
  • Ample clearance for hardware
  • Available in three colours

Here’s a table to give you a quick rundown of what each panel can support in terms of fans or radiators:

Panel Fans Radiators
Front 3 x 120mm or 140mm fans
3 x 140mm fans included
Top 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm Fans Up to 1 x 360mm radiator
Side 3 x 120mm fans Up to 1 x 360mm radiator
Rear 1 x 120mm fan
1 x 120mm fan included
1 x 120mm radiator
Backplate 1 x 120mm fan 1 x 120mm radiator

The case comes with four pre-installed FP1 fans, which we will learn more about further down. (You may skip to that info now if you wish. I won’t dictate your reading order!) There are three 140mm fans mounted on the front and one 120mm model on the back panel. With their optimized thermal performance and a splash of RGB lighting, the FP1 fans are the perfect addition to the C1.

The AP1-V CPU Cooler

Whether you’re Team Red or Blue, there are some high-performance processors out there and the APNX AP1-V is here to keep them cool. Thanks to some spicy innovations, this CPU cooler can handle TDPs up to 245W. Even under the heaviest load, your CPU will stay at optimum temperatures with the AP1-V. Plus, you can choose between the black or white models to perfectly match your PC’s style.

  • High-performance CPU cooler
  • Compatible with both Intel and AMD
  • Fan with fluid dynamic bearing
  • 245W TDP rating
  • Available in two colours

The smooth-edged, modern aesthetic runs strongly throughout the APNX line, but the AP1-V’s one-piece aluminium alloy frame is particularly stunning. More than just its good looks though, this CPU cooler is equipped with APX’s exclusive Heat Core Touch Technology that provides a seamless connection, thus optimising thermal conductivity and creating stable operation temperatures.

There are two factors contributing to the APNX AP1-V’s efficiency: the heat pipes and FDB fan. There are five high-performance heat pipes that effectively draw heat away from your processor, each 6mm in diameter. That heat is then transferred and exhausted from the unit via a 120mm fan.

Fan Speed 600 – 1,800 RPM
Air Pressure 3.36mmH2O
Airflow 76.3CFM
Noise Level 16.1 – 32.8dBA

Good news, everybody, the APNX AP1-V CPU cooler is compatible with both Intel and AMD processors! It has been optimised to work with Intel LGA 1700, 1200, and 15XX sockets, as well as AMD AM4 and AM5. Beauts.

The FP1 Fans

Whether you skipped ahead or read in order, it’s time to talk FP1 fans. These fans have it all: ARGB lighting, PWM control, and optimised features for efficient cooling. Plus, they are available in 120m or 140mm models, as well as in black or white.  These fans are simply stunning, with their sleek contours and vibrant lighting. Black or white, these will be a fine addition to any gaming PC.

  • Stylish case fans
  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • Low noise levels
  • ARGB lighting
  • Available in two colours and sizes

To increase longevity and stable performance, the FP1 fans are equipped with hydraulic bearings. Even when at their highest speed of 1,900 RPMs, these fans operate smoothly and at minimal noise levels. Plus, they have a thicker frame than standard fans, at 30mm instead of 25mm. This extra 5mm provides a 30-50% boost in performance, which we cannot get enough of.

The FP2 Fans

In terms of design, the FP1 and FP2 fans are not dissimilar. They both utilise the same foundation of the thicker frame, ARGB and PWM functionality, and the slick APNX aesthetic. They’re even available in black and white, but only in 120mm models currently. In terms of design, the FP1 and FP2 fans are not dissimilar. They both utilise the same foundation of the thicker frame, ARGB and PWM functionality, and the slick APNX aesthetic. They’re even available in black and white, but only in 120mm models currently.

  • High-performance fans
  • ARGB lighting
  • Includes reverse fan lade
  • Steel casing
  • Available in two colours

Firstly, the FP2 frame is manufactured from steel and utilises a recessed design to reduce the height by 3mm when used with radiators. The steel framing lends durability, as well as a sleek finish. Ultra-thick shock-absorbing pads are installed on the frame, too, keeping vibrations to a minimum and your fan securely in place.

FP2 120mm
Fan Speed 500 – 1,800 RPM
Air Pressure 3.49mmH2O
Airflow 83.87CFM
Noise Levels 15.3 – 34.8dBA

Next, the FP2 utilises a fluid dynamic bearing, to enhance the lifespan whilst offering smooth operations. But where the FP2 really shines are its blades. They have larger fan blades to improve airflow and dissipate heat effectively. We’re not done, either. These fans include reverse fan blades so you can even control the direction of airflow. The blades are quick and easy to swap over, allowing you to craft the perfect balance of intake and exhaust fans.

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