New Remnant 2 Update for PS5 & Xbox Packs Performance and QoL Improvements, Balance Changes, Bug repairs, More

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A new Remnant 2 upgrade has actually been rolled for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, loading numerous balance changes, improvements, and fixes.

If this feature has actually been made it possible for, the brand-new console-specific patches are offered for download now and should be downloaded instantly to your console. If not, it’s likewise possible to download the patch by hand through the video game upgrade settings. “This is the first significant update intended to resolve a number of the larger problems today, however there will be more updates to come– consisting of an additional update we’re planning to release later today that will resolve balance modifications, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements”, the advancement team composes.

The brand-new patch features efficiency improvements and aims to resolve numerous crashing problems on both platforms. In addition, on Xbox, the spot improves hitching. Although the PS5 and Xbox patches both pack a lot of bug repairs and improvements, the group has actually guaranteed yet another spot for Xbox players. This approaching spot is planned to be launched later on this week and will consist of additional balance modifications, bug fixes, and quality-of-life enhancements that have currently been consisted of in the PS5 patch.

To see the full patch notes, have a look at the PS5 release keeps in mind and the Xbox Series launch notes. The sequel to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes was released late last month and has actually been doing rather well given that its release. We reviewed the video game upon release and praised its procedural world, visuals, replayability, co-op mode, and character structure.

“Remnant II is an impressive technical and artistic achievement in some methods, using an intermittently-striking, cutting-edge procedural world that’s pleasing to unravel”, we composed in our review. “Unfortunately, a forgettable story, middle-of-the-road gunplay, dull loot, and some efficiency concerns indicates this wonderful world isn’t always that fun to inhabit. Some folks, particularly those with a routine co-op celebration, will be drawn into this dark multiverse, however others might find Remnant II just supplies scattered fragments of enjoyment amidst the disappointment.”

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