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New World’s winter update demands players pay tribute to a holiday yeti

There will coins to purchase gear and winter cosmetics, as well as Town Projects to bring holiday lights to your favorite settlements.

It would appear that Amazon Game Studios is set to go all in on the spirit of the holidays in New World with its upcoming update. The developers recently revealed a winter update that will bring all sorts of festive limited-time goods to the game, including obtainable winter cosmetics and gear, pretty holiday lighting for towns, and a big yeti who wants Winter Tokens in exchange for presents.

Amazon Game Studios showed off New World’s upcoming Winter Update in a blog post on the game’s site on December 3, 2021. The new update is already available in the recently-launched Public Test Realms servers, but it will come pretty quickly for everyone else as well. The headliners of the new update are the holiday content. The Yeti, the Winter Wanderer will set up camp in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood. Carry out quests for the Yeti and you’ll earn Winter Tokens, which can be traded for rare gear, cosmetics, and a “present gifting” emote. Plus, you’ll make the Yeti’s “positive aspect grow in power,” whatever that means (answers hopefully coming soon).

Upgrading the Tree of Light in your favorite Settlement will do more than just make it more pretty. You'll also gain increased daily rewards for it.
Upgrading the Tree of Light in your favorite Settlement will do more than just make it more pretty. You’ll also gain increased daily rewards for it.

There are other neat additions to the New World winter update as well. It will feature new Town Projects where you’ll be able to establish and upgrade your favorite settlements’ Trees of Light, making for a colorful spectacle which includes increasing daily rewards. You’ll also find new Ice Caves all over the land, containing Winter Warrior magic and challenges for players to overcome, and occasionally a Gleamite Shower will happen as a dynamic event in which you can see Gleamite meteors fall. Find the landing and you can harvest it to exchange for Winter tokens.

The new update will also include updates to quests, PVP, balancing of the world, and more, so be sure to read up on the full blog and stay tuned for official New World winter update patch notes coming soon. We’ll share them here once they become available.