Next-Gen Xbox Controller to Feature Haptics and Speakers like PS5’s DualSense

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Microsoft is preparing to launch a next-gen Xbox controller along with its mid-generation console revitalize eventually next year. The news originates from the huge leakage that stemmed from an FTC vs. Microsoft public file.

Codenamed Sebile, it will bring parity with a few of the special functions of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, such as haptics feedback and integrated speakers. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer initially applauded the DualSense controller soon after the PS5 launch in November 2020; in July 2021, Spencer as soon as again praised Sony for their deal with the gamepad and likewise teased that the Xbox controller would need to capture up in this location.

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The complete function set is detailed listed below.


Play Anywhere

  • Xbox Wireless 2
  • Direct-to-Cloud
  • Bluetooth 5.2

Smooth Pair and Switch

  • New mobile app functions:
  • See paired gadgets and cloud
  • Handle gadgets and devices


Do excellent, feel excellent

  • Rechargeable and swappable battery
  • Recycled products and less resin
  • Repair work and disassembly

Long lasting & Reliable

  • New modular thumbsticks
  • Enhanced durability
  • Continued construct enhancements


Feel the video game

  • Accuracy haptic feedback
  • VCA haptics function as speakers
  • Accelerometer
  • Quieter buttons and thumbsticks


Engage & Delight

  • Raise to wake

Familiar Xbox Feel

  • Exact same ergonomics as Merlin
  • Exact same design and activation forces
  • SE/LE/XDL choices as anticipated

It’s absolutely great to see Microsoft capturing up on the haptic feedback, ideally attracting more designers to carry out the function. It does not look like the brand-new Xbox controller will support adaptive triggers, leaving that as a DualSense unique.

The Xbox controller supports ‘impulse activates’ given that the Xbox One launch, however it has actually just been utilized in a reasonably percentage of video games. It’s not actually as advanced as the adaptive triggers, which in fact include resistance to mimic a bowstring. Impulse activates simply include optional vibration performance to the triggers.

The next-gen Xbox controller is anticipated to be priced at $69.99, much like the existing one.

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