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Nightfall weapon rotation schedule – Destiny 2

Track which weapon is available in one of Destiny 2’s hardest PVE activities with this Nightfall weapon rotation schedule.

Nightfalls have gotten more potent in Destiny 2 thanks to a new weapon drop system. Every week, a new weapon will become available. This Nightfall weapon rotation schedule will help you keep track of what weapon is available, when it will be back, and what you can look forward to in the future.

Last updated on January 6, 2022.

Nightfall weapon rotation schedule

destiny 2 nightfall weapon rotation schedule
The Palindrome is one a few new weapons that cycle through as Nightfall rewards each week.

With the release of Season 13, Season of the Chosen, the Nightfalls in Destiny 2 received an update. Players were already familiar with the Nightfall exclusive rewards, but now Bungie has added unique weapons to the pool on top of what drops are usually there for certain strikes. Make sure you run the Prosperity (Vanguard) mod on your Ghost. This mod increases the chance to receive an additional piece of Legendary gear from Nightfall completions.

Season of the Chosen added the following three weapons, each of which were originally in Destiny 1:

  1. Shadow Price
  2. Palindrome
  3. The Swarm

Season of the Splicer updated the Nightfall weapon drop list with three more weapons from Destiny 1:

  • Plug One.1
  • Hung Jury SR4
  • Uzume RR4

Season of the Lost added a couple more weapons into the rotation:

  • The Comedian
  • Hothead

Future seasons may remove or add new weapons to the mix so anticipate updates to the following Nightfall weapon rotation schedule.

Nightfall weapon rotation schedule
Weekly Reset Weapon
January 4th Palindrome, The Swarm
January 11th The Comedian, Shadowprice
January 18th Hung Jury, Hothead
January 25th Plug One.1, Uzume
February 1st Palindrome, The Swarm
February 8th The Comedian, Shadowprice
February 15th Hung Jury, Hothead
Fabruary 22nd The Witch Queen launches

Nightfall weapon drop chance

In terms of the drop chance for the Nightfall weapons, the tougher the Nightfall, the better chance you have of getting a weapon.

  • Adept: Rare
  • Hero: Uncommon
  • Legend: Common
  • Master: Common

For those that just want the gun, and don’t care so much about Ascendant Shards, then running the Legend difficulty will be the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately, there isn’t any concrete info (yet) on the exact drop percentages.

The new Nightfall weapon rotation schedule certainly makes Nightfalls that bit more rewarding for those looking to acquire better gear. It could be worth taking some time to farm up a great roll, as these will no doubt be some top-performing weapons in PVE and Crucible. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more schedules and weapon overviews.