Nightingale Delays Early Access Launch to February 22, 2024

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During Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023, Inflexion Games (formerly Improbable Canada prior to getting acquired by Tencent) announced yet another hold-up for its launching video game, the shared world survival crafting video game Nightingale. The video game was originally supposed to launch on early access in late 2022, however it was delayed to 2023 to update to Unreal Engine 5 and to improve the overall polish.

Now, fans can look forward to a concrete release date, though it’s not this year, as Nightingale is formally set to debut on February 22nd, 2024, by means of Steam and Epic Games Store. The pricing was divulged as well, and it’ll be $29.99; the developer stated it does not prepare to increase it when the full video game releases, which could be in late 2024 or early 2025 based upon Inflexion’s 9-12 months price quote for the early gain access to period.

Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games and previous General Manager at BioWare, specified:

After years of devoted work from the group, we are thrilled to reveal that Nightingale will get in Early Access on February 22nd, 2024. That date is a few months behind we previously revealed. But as a studio, we’re dedicated to quality, and we take gamer satisfaction extremely seriously. We want to make sure that the video game delivers on the expectations of our community, who have actually played an essential function in the development to date. We make every effort to guarantee that Nightingale not only fulfills our vision however likewise becomes a treasured place for our players to check out and find with their buddies for several years to come.

Nightingale is embeded in a magical dream world influenced by Gaslamp settings and the Victorian age. Player characters called Realmwalkers are forced to wander the harmful yet amazing Fae Realms through magic portals after being tossed out of the titular city of marvel. The primary goal will be to find the method back to Nightingale. One of the video game’s twists is the Realm Card system, which lets players fine-tune what sort of Realms they will encounter when they venture into the portal next.

For more on Nightingale, check out our December 2022 interview with Inflexion Games.

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