The Switch Lite arrived in 2019. What comes following?

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The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success, specifically after a 2020 that will had us all close in at home actively playing Animal Crossing. The question at this point is… what comes following? Signs point out a new, 7-inch OLED model along with possible 4K gaming whenever docked coming later this particular year. It might also possess a brand-new Nvidia processor chip that’s capable of 4K Nintendo gaming for the particular first time.

Does that will mean a Switch two is coming later this season? It sure seems such as it. Maybe it’ll become called the Switch two. Or a Switch Pro. New Nintendo Switch. Super Nintendo Switch. Super Nintendo Switch XL. Call it whatever you wish, but it’s time for brand spanking new Nintendo hardware to come out. It’s looking increasingly probably that that long-rumored “Switch Pro” can happen in 2021.

The Nintendo Switch debuted four years back; the less expensive Switch Lite arrived 2 yrs ago. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X plus PlayStation 5 have currently arrived: Sony and Microsoft are in next-gen gaming console land. A recent Nintendo rundown of upcoming Switch games had no information on new Switch equipment and felt light upon big-name new games. 

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Nintendo, as always, can be coy on details. A Polygon interview with Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser last December suggested the Switch had been midway in its gaming console cycle, which “existing type factors” will be honored. But the reports of brand new hardware are mounting. The Bloomberg report from September said Nintendo may currently be looking to programmers to upgrade their online games to 4K for a good eventual hardware refresh. More recent reports go directly into even more detail upon the Nvidia hardware that will could be inside.

The Nintendo Switch has already sold a lot more systems than the Nintendo 3DS and might eventually capture up to the Wii. A new Switch may be more costly but can live alongside existing Switch models. Of course, in case a new Switch comes, expect some major online games to debut alongside this.

When asked about upcoming plans, Nintendo declined in order to comment.

Nintendo’s 3DS selection continued to evolve as well as the Switch might do the particular same.

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Very probably: Larger OLED display, enhanced TV gaming when docked

A March Bloomberg report states the updated Switch arriving this season will have the 7-inch 720p Samsung OLED. The existing Switch plus Switch Lite have 720p shows, but they’re 6.2- and 5.5-inch FLAT SCREEN panels. Reports of the larger Switch display go back to last year, at least, but reviews then pointed to various display manufacturers.

That’s not really a huge screen-size enhance, but maybe it can have a case redesign in order to be smaller. Then once again, if a new Switch changes the size associated with its body, it can be a problem whenever connecting with older Switch accessories.

4K game quality on a TV — mentioned in more details in a second Bloomberg report emphasizing a brand new Nvidia chip — feels past due, but would also suggest a new wave associated with games that are 4K-optimized. If so, how would certainly those games play upon a 720p screen upon the go, and just how would those games really feel on older Switches?

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Previous Nintendo 3DS updates offer a good idea of how the particular Switch could incrementally evolve

Even although the original Nintendo Switch came in 2017, there possess been some evolutions ever since then. The more affordable, handheld-only Switch Lite arrived last drop, and it has been the Switch which has been the easiest in order to find in stock on-line. The dockable original Switch got a significant battery power life boost around that period, too.

While Nintendo’s TV-connected gaming systems usually haven’t gotten numerous updates after launch, Nintendo handhelds tend to obtain evolutions every couple associated with years. The Nintendo 3DS (early 2011) was accompanied by the particular larger-screened 3DS XL (mid-2012), the Nintendo 2DS (2013), New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL (late 2014-early 2015), and New Nintendo 2DS XL (2017).

On that will timeline, getting another Switch update would happen… this season. Will that happen? Well, 2017 was a lengthy time ago, and the particular Switch Lite in 2019 had been basically a cosmetic improve (and feature reduction).