Nintendo Switch 2 SOC Rumored To Pack NVIDIA Ampere GPU With 1280 Cores & 8 Cortex A78 CPU Cores

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Nintendo’s next-gen Switch 2 portable console is anticipated to include over a thousand NVIDIA GPU cores based upon the Ampere architecture based upon the current reports.

Nintendo Switch 2 Handheld Expected To Feature NVIDIA & Arm Combo: 1280 GPU Cores, 8 CPU Cores

Previously today, the T239 SOC (System-on-Chip) was spotted which is apparently being utilized to run the approaching portable. The SOC is stated to be developed by NVIDIA and uses its previous-gen Ampere GPU architecture and an Arm CPU complex. Far, there have actually been numerous leakages as to what the real specs of this SOC may be and even more so on the procedure node that will be utilized to make it.

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Now we have at least 2 leakers, Kopite7kimi and Tech_Reve, who are extremely positive that the SOC will be based upon a Samsung 8nm procedure node. According to Kopite7kimi, the SEC8N will be utilized in the production of the T239 SOC for the Nintendo Switch 2 while Tech_Reve highlights using the Samsung 7LPH procedure node which is an enhanced variation of the Samsung 8nm node. It may sound comparable to TSMC’s 4N node for NVIDIA which is technically an enhanced variation of its N5 or 5 nm node.

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