Nintendo Switch 2 Will Come With 12 GB RAM, Ray Tracing Capabilities; Unreal Engine 5 Demo Ran With DLSS 3.1

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Very little is presently understood about the Nintendo Switch 2 console, however if the reports distributing can be thought, it will be rather an advance from its predecessor, as it will supposedly feature ray tracing abilities.

Speaking on X/Twitter, Necro Felipe, Universo Nintendo editor-in-chief who properly exposed info concerning Nintendo items and video games in the past prior to the main statements, exposed that, according to their sources, the brand-new console will be ray tracing capable and will include 12 GB of RAM, which is a huge action up from the 4 GB of the existing console, however still not on par with the existing generation console from Sony and Microsoft’ flagship system, which both included 16 GB of RAM.

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Necro Felipe likewise offered an explanation on the other day’s reports which exposed how the Nintendo Switch 2 was showcased throughout Gamescom 2023 to designers with a couple of tech demonstrations, consisting of the Unreal Engine 5-powered The Matrix Awakens demonstration. Unlike what the reports specified, the console was running the demonstration with NVIDIA DLSS 3.1 and not the more current 3.5.

The Nintendo Switch 2 console has yet to be formally revealed, however it is reported to release at some point next year. We will keep you upgraded on the brand-new system as quickly as more can be found in on it, so remain tuned for all the most recent news.

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