Nintendo's Switch successor is currently in third-party devs' hands, report claims

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A Switch with white joycons on a wood surface

Development hardware for Nintendo's next console is currently in some third-party designers' hands in preparation for a launch in the second half of 2024, according to sources who talked to gaming news website Video Games Chronicle.

Sources that spoke to Eurogamer supported the late 2024 release window, and a Nikkei Asia report formerly claimed previously this year that Nintendo prepared to launch its next console sometime after spring of 2024.

Citing "numerous people with knowledge of Nintendo's next-gen console plans," Video Games Chronicle also declares to clarify a couple of information about the Nintendo Switch's successor. Like the Switch, it will likewise be functional in portable mode. Nevertheless, two of Video Games Chronicle's sources recommended that Nintendo will choose an LCD screen to keep costs down, which would make it a downgrade from the most recent Switch design in one crucial area.

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