Not Just Tools: DeWalt Now Makes Its Own Level-2 Charger For Your EV

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DeWalt EV charger

The DeWalt brand specializes primarily in hardware and power tools, from grinders to drills to storage cabinets and all the other usual suspects of the workshop. However, as a brand that's already well-acquainted with the creative usage of electricity thanks to its power tool battery packs, DeWalt knows a thing or two about charging up devices. Do you know what else uses recharging batteries? Electric vehicles. Obviously, it's not the same, but DeWalt seems to have managed just fine in making up the difference.

As EVs become more ubiquitous around the world, drivers require affordable options for recharging, particularly at home. If you have an EV and want a sturdy and reliable source of juice you can use at home, DeWalt now offers its very own wall-mounted level-2 EV charger, perfect for getting your EV all the juice it could possibly want. No matter what kind of EV you're using, DeWalt's device can be your one-stop charging shop.

Sturdy level-2 charging at home

DeWalt EV charger in rain

DeWalt's 240V level-2 charger, much like any home EV charger, can be installed onto your power grid by a professional electrician to serve as a hub for your personal EV. The mount is fully CSA-certified for use both indoors and outdoors, so even if you don't have a garage, it's perfectly safe to install on the outer walls of your home. Don't worry about rain or storms either, as the mount has an IP66 waterproofing rating.

The mount comes preinstalled with a 25-foot high-grade cable ending in a NEMA 14-50 plug. This plug can deliver up to 40 Amps or about 36 miles per hour of charge. If your home's power grid is a little weird, you can adjust the current as far down as 12 Amps. The front of the charger features a convenient LCD screen, giving you constant updates on its health and the state of its charge. It's also compatible with the DeWalt EV Charger app, which you can use to remotely monitor the status of an ongoing charge, check your energy usage stats, and schedule designated charging sessions.

DeWalt's charger is compatible with all SAE J1772 electric vehicles, though a separate adapter is available for Tesla charging ports as well. This means you can use the charger with just about any EV on the market, be it from Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, or any of the automotive giants.

DeWalt's EV charger is available now from Home Depot for $799.97.

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