NVIDIA Preps Even More Hopper AI GPUs For Chinese Market In Accordance With United States Policies

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NVIDIA does not appear to be quiting on its substantial AI market capacity in the Chinese market as the business is supposedly making more Hopper GPUs that adhere to United States policies.

NVIDIA H20, L20 & L2 Are The New AI GPUs On The Block For Chinese Markets

Update: It appears like NVIDIA's brand-new GPUs aren't attempting to prevent any United States policies (as formerly hypothesized) however rather are developed in accordance with the import guidelines and totally abide by the criteria set.

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According to the current report by Dylan Patel of Semianalysis, it appears like NVIDIA has strategies to go for least 3 brand-new AI GPUs for the Chinese market that include the H20 SXM, PCIe L20, and the PCIe L2. All of these chips are based upon the Hopper GPU architecture and will include an optimum theoretical efficiency of 296 TFLOPs.

The specific requirements of these GPU setups of these chips aren't understood yet however the Hopper H20 SMX includes 96 GB memory capabilities running at approximately 4.0 Tb/s, 296 TFLOPs Compute power, and utilizing the GH100 pass away with an efficiency density of 2.9 TFLOPs/die versus H100's 19.4. The H100 SXM is 6.68 x faster than the H20 SXM according to the noted table however those are FP16 Tensor Core FLOPs (with Sparsity) and not the INT8 or FP8 FLOPs. The GPU has a 400W TDP and functions 8-way setups in an HGX service. It maintains the 900 GB/s NVLINK connection & likewise uses 7-Way MIG (Multi-Instance GPU) performance.

  • NVIDIA H100 SXM TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPS = 1979
  • NVIDIA H20 SXM TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPS = 296

The NVIDIA L20 includes 48 GB of memory and a peak of 239 TFLOPs of calculate efficiency while the L2 is set up with 24 GB of memory and a peak of 193 TFLOPs of calculate power. The GPUs are available in PCIe kind aspects making them a feasible option for office-based workstations and servers. These are far more cut-down setups than what the Chinese consumers were getting before in the type of the H800 and A800 It looks like the NVIDIA software application stack for AI and HPC is simply too important to provide up for some of these consumers and they will be prepared to take the minimized specifications in order to get access to these contemporary Hopper architectures.

  • L40 TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPs = 362
  • L20 TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPs = 239
  • L4 TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPs = 242
  • L2 TF16 (Sparsity) FLOPs = 193

While they are cut down from a standard calculate point of view, the report specifies that in LLM inferencing, the H20 SXM will really be faster than the H100 considering that it shares resemblances to next year's H200. This would recommend that a minimum of one part of the GPU isn't that lowered versus the remainder of the chip. The NVIDIA HGX H20 SXM chip and the L20 PCIe GPU are anticipated to release by December 2023 while the L2 PCIe accelerator will be offered in January 2024. Item tasting is going to begin one month previously than release.

One of the China particular GPUs is over 20% faster than the H100 in LLM reasoning, and is more comparable to the brand-new GPU that Nvidia is introducing early next year than to the H100!

through SemiAnalysis

NVIDIA has yet to formally reveal these chips however they are most likely going to keep it under covers and quietly upgrade their partners about the strategies instead of making it a full-blown AI item statement. The current constraints enforced by the United States federal government on China have actually triggered the Chinese to look for AI options (noted here).

NVIDIA understands the capacity that a few of these contending business hold and will attempt to support its Chinese client base as much as possible while complying with United States guidelines. The business likewise has a huge need for AI around the world and in spite of a current cancellation of $5 Billion United States worth of orders, the green group will simply reallocate its supply in other places That consumers who formerly had to wait more than a year to get hands-on GPUs can now get their hands on NVIDIA's AI gold early.

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