NVIDIA Reportedly Shipping 900 Tons of H100 AI GPUs This Quarter, Amounts to 300,000 Units

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NVIDIA’s H100 AI GPUs have actually been the brand-new talk in the market, topping all charts when it pertains to tape sales. The research study company Omdia has actually revealed that NVIDIA delivered 900 lots of H100s in Q2 2023, exposing a truly fascinating figure.

NVIDIA H100 GPUs Are Dominating The AI Space & Shipping Tons Each Quarter

Now, the analysis in the very first location appears unusual, however Omdia hasn’t exposed the factor behind revealing the shipping numbers in the type of the “weight” of GPUs. It can be presumed that Omida gotten shipping figures from a supplier, however that isn’t specific. Computing the real number, Omdia recommends that a single H100 GPU weighs around 3 kgs; for this reason, it is approximated that Team Green offered around 300,000 H100s in Q2, which is a big figure thinking about the market quotes.

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The figure exposed by Omdia includes a great deal of “aspects”to think about, such as the weight of private H100 modules and GPUs, however we will not enter into that given that it will make things tiring. Stressing the shipping volumes of H100s ends up being essential, provided that Team Green has actually anticipated enormous figures for its AI GPUs. We reported a while back that NVIDIA prepares to deliver 1.5 million to 2 million AI GPUs by 2024, with the majority of them including the populated H100s, and the report by Omida illustrates that the business is on track to reach the turning point.

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The genAI boom has actually unquestionably put tech business in a race, with the H100s showing to be a definitive driver towards the real combination. With that, one ought to anticipate NVIDIA to reach impressive figures by the end of the year now that monetary reports are quickly moving towards the “favorable” side.

It can be stated that NVIDIA has actually developed a strong monopoly, with its rivals in no other way near the business’s shipping volumes. Fascinating times lead us, and it will be amazing to see how the market turns out, specifically for NVIDIA.

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