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Original Duke Nukem 3D theme midi file posted by composer Lee Jackson

The composer behind the iconic Duke Nukem 3D theme has shared a file for the track.

Duke Nukem 3D is known for revolutionizing first-person shooters and delivering an experience that would influence the genre for years to come. It’s also quite beloved for its original soundtrack, with a title theme that still holds a nostalgic place in the hearts of fans. Lee Jackson, the composer for the game, has treated fans by uploading a midi file for the Duke Nukem 3D theme.

Lee Jackson made a post to his personal website to share a download file for the Duke Nukem 3D theme. In addition to a download link, he also shares a brief message to fans of his work on the first-person shooter game.

The Grabbag includes two midi files, one that should work on any standard media player, and a “more authentic” file that contains commands for Roland devices. Jackson requests that users read and agree to the copyright license before downloading the Grabbag.

If you’re a fan of Duke Nukem 3D, you can now access a never-before-released version of its iconic theme, completely free of charge. It’s a neat treat for fans and a fun celebration of an iconic first-person shooter game. Here’s hoping Duke can return to action alongside his iconic theme in a new game some day.