Overwatch 2's Chaingun-Wielding Tank Mauga and 2 More Upcoming Heroes Revealed

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BlizzCon 2023 begins today, and throughout the program's opening event, we were provided a very first peek at Overwatch 2's brand-new Samoan hero (the 39th in overall) Mauga. A muscle-bound Tank character, Mauga wields a set of chainguns and seems like he's going to be quite hard to drop in the right-hand men. You can get a very first peek at Mauga in action, listed below.

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Blizzard explains Mauga as a "brutal-but-cunning" hero developed to "slam through the cutting edge and brawl with his challengers in close-quarter battle, by wielding 2 effective chainguns that can either be fire separately or in unison." Surprisingly, Mauga's 2 chainguns have various capabilities, with one shooting off incendiary shots and the other dealing important hits.

A few of Mauga's capabilities consist of "Overrun," which will let you charge through firing line, "Cardiac Overdrive" which lowers damage to Mauga and those around him as he soaks the offense, and "Cage Fight" that basically traps challengers in a bubble with the power to shut out damage and recovery from the exterior. Once again, seems like Mauga is rather the effective addition to the lineup-- we'll see if any nerfs are upcoming.

In addition to Mauga, Blizzard likewise teased a variety of other things being available in 2024. 3 extra heroes will introduce in 2024, with one being an opponent Venture (featuring Season 10) and the other one still passing the codename Space Ranger (Season 12). You can get a peek at both of the brand-new heroes, listed below.

Of course, Blizzard is dealing with more than simply brand-new heroes. The Overwatch group is likewise dealing with a brand-new video game mode, Clash, which will see 2 groups fight for a series of 5 capture points. The very first map for this brand-new mode will be a remodelled variation of Hanamura called Hanaoka. Gamers can likewise eagerly anticipate a complete revamp of competitive play and a range of brand-new occasions with Egyptian, witchcraft, eldritch scary, and mirror universe styles.

Overwatch 2 can be used PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. Season 8 of Overwatch 2 goes survive on December 5, however folks can experiment with Mauga this weekend (November 3 through November 5).

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