Passing Away Light 2 Community Is Angry at the New Microtransactions; Techland Responds

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While Dying Light 2 initially came out over a year and a half earlier, Techland has actually continually upgraded the video game with numerous complimentary updates, consisting of some significant ones that enhanced parkour, fight, and the night experience, amongst lots of other elements.

The most recent spot, called Summertime, dropped late recently, providing a crossover occasion with Payday 2, in-game combination for neighborhood maps on consoles and Steam Deck, brand-new knife animations, the capability to avoid the Prologue, an optional in-game modifier called Alterations, the capability to set the level of gore with the brand-new Brutality setting, and great deals of repairs.

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By far the most questionable addition was Dying Light Points, a brand-new type of in-game microtransactions. Techland did supply 500 complimentary Dying Light Points that can be redeemed by October 7th through the in-game shop. Still, the DL Points triggered rather an outcry within the Dying Light 2 neighborhood. Aside from the apparent and everpresent distaste for any type of microtransactions, there’s likewise the reality that package costs are presently structured in such a way that might possibly leave gamers with unspent Dying Light Points after they have actually bought something.

The designer rapidly saw this issue and responded with the following tweet:

As constantly, we are collecting your feedback and hear your issues. As far as we comprehend, a huge part of the disappointment comes from the prices of the packages and the resulting remaining DL Points.

To determine this problem, we’ve currently begun dealing with a number of services proposed by the neighborhood. We’re evaluating the mechanics of including a choice to buy specific products from the existing packages. In this manner, if you have any extra DL Points, you might invest them on various packages. Why not utilize Michonne’s Katana while cosplaying a chicken? Still, that will not occur overnight, as it’ll take the devs a long time to revamp the system.

As a pointer, there are a number of packages in the shop that can be purchased for less than 500 DL Points that you can get now– or you can wait up until we carry out the service recommended above.

The Dying Light 2 studio likewise assured an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Franchise Director Tymon Smektala, where probably the designer will pass on some news to deal with the neighborhood’s issues on DL Points.

As a suggestion, Techland postponed the 2nd Dying Light 2 DLC to 2024.

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