Pixel 8 Pro Finally Shows Face in an Official Promo Image, Showing the Phone in Porcelain Color

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The Pixel 8 series is going to launching in October, so we have a little over a month left prior to we lastly get to see what Google has actually been dealing with. Of course, this does not stop the myriad of leakages we have actually seen in the previous couple of months, and now, the Pixel 8 Pro has actually dripped in a main discount image, revealing the phone in the porcelain color. This isn’t the very first time we have actually seen the phone. This is the very first main image of it, so if you have actually been questioning what the phone looks like, now is your turn.

The Pixel 8 Pro is no longer a trick, thanks to somebody at Google spilling the beans

Now, the image was identified on the Google Subscriptions & Services page, however it is no longer there. We handled to get a screenshot, and it reveals the Pixel 8 Pro together with the Pixel Watch 2, I think, however that a person is a bit difficult to make out. You can take a look at the image listed below.

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Now, it would be rather simple to puzzle the Pixel 8 Pro with an older design, however the brand-new phones are rounder as compared to the older gadgets, and the electronic camera island is significantly various, too. Despite the fact that it still keeps its visor shape. It does not take a lot of thinking that it is certainly the Pixel 8 Pro. As compared to the previous generation of Pixel phones, Google has actually been hush about displaying the brand-new generation of Pixel gadgets, however I think somebody at the business believed it would be all right to release the image prior to launch.

Based upon the reports that we have actually heard, the Pixel 8 series will be debuting in early October. That is the time when Google will reveal Android 14 in addition to the Pixel Watch 2. You can anticipate a lot more leakages and info in the coming days as we head closer to the release date. Truthfully, in a market loaded with phones that look various with each generation, I am happy Google has actually discovered a style DNA and developed its identity, and while the brand-new style may not be for everybody, it does look great, and you can take a look at it from afar and inform that this is undoubtedly a Pixel phone.

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