Pokemon fans happen to be waiting for a followup to Nintendo’s original wallet monster photography game with regard to decades. Now it’s nearly here: New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch launches on April thirty. By all accounts, it can every bit the charming and relaxing game several were hoping for. Like the original game, it can about taking photos associated with the Nintendo game’s well-known creatures.

If you actually love the photos a person take in game, a person might want to print out them. Back in 99, you did that simply by visiting photo print areas. For the brand new game, Nintendo is having a different method: Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link smartphone printer, the smartphone app and the silicone Pikachu case.

Fujifilm launched this handheld mobile phone photo printer back within 2020, however the Nintendo relationship is all new. In addition to releasing a brand new Switch-themed red-and-blue color choice, Fujifilm is releasing a brand new Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch application that makes it simple to transfer photos through the game console for your smartphone. From there, they may be cropped and edited within the app to fit the particular Instax Mini’s instant photo file format and sent to the particular printer.

It’s absolutely ideal for Pokemon Snap, however the Nintendo Switch integration isn’t exclusive in order to the photography game. The app’s interface can end up being decked out in New Pokemon Snap, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario styles — and even arrives with Nintendo-themed frames that will can be applied in order to any photo in your own phone’s camera roll.


If you’re the kind associated with gamer who will totally need to print that will four-star Squirtle photo, you will be able to choose up the Instax Mini Link within the bundle with a special Pikachu Silicone Case for $119.95 in May. The red-and-blue special edition with regard to $99.95 is furthermore in the particular works. You could just buy the regular Mini Link right right now — but where’s the particular fun in that?