Professional photographer catches rainbow contrails that appear like something from an alien world

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A professional photographer has recorded some stunning pictures of rainbow contrails. When water vapor created by airplane engines freezes and condenses around dust particles or water vapor currently in the air, these odd ice clouds form. When sunshine strikes the clouds ideal, the light diffracts through them, creating a rainbow-like result that is breathtaking.

These new photographs were caught by amateur professional photographer Soumyadeep Mukherjee from Kolkata, India. When the light refracts through the ice clouds at different wavelengths, Rainbow contrails like those recorded by Mukherjee happen. This develops quite a phenomenon, which isn’t frequently recorded in photographs like this.

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As such, it’s everything about being in the ideal place at the correct time to see these ice clouds and the routes they develop. You can see the images in the original report from, where Mukherjee’s work is put on full display. Mukherjee told that “nature never dissatisfies” when speaking about the image.

” I could not think thatI recorded it,” Mukherjee continued in a statement to He states the colors were faint and not totally noticeable to the naked eye at the time, and that if he hadn’t zoomed his camera in up until now, he most likely would have missed it entirely. You can see what rainbow contrails appear like in the image we’ve included at the top of this article.

While we can’t show Mukherjee’s images here, you can see them in‘s initial report. In the images there, the colors blend in perfectly with the clouds, while the image at the top of the post showcases them against a darker background. It’s the way that they blend with the other clouds around them that makes these light reveals so challenging to see in some cases.

If you’re trying to find even more stunning light shows to have a look at, you can see the sky bleed after a SpaceX rocket ripped through the environment in late July.

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