PS5 Is 5% Ahead of PS4 in Time-Aligned Sales, While Xbox Series Is Down 10% from Xbox One

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Sony’s PS5 console is going strong in retail sales even when compared to the currently highly successful predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

The latest report released by Circana (formerly NPD) exposes that PS5 sales in the United States increased as quickly as the supply increased in July 2022, marking Sony’s newest console as the marketplace leader. Circana believes PlayStation 5 will stay in that position at least throughout 2025.

The expert firm likewise revealed data that reveals the PS5 being 5% ahead of the PlayStation 4 in time-aligned sales (that is to state, comparing sales with the PS4 at the very same point in its life process). Much more remarkable is the contrast with the PlayStation 3, which trails the PS5 by an astonishing 87% in time-aligned sales, although the PS3 is popular to be Sony’s least successful home console.

By contrast, the PS5’s most direct competitor isn’t doing too, as Xbox Series S and X consoles are routing their predecessor (the Xbox One) by 10% in time-aligned sales. Nevertheless, the Xbox Series duo is still 6% above the Xbox 360 in the same metric.

The Nintendo Switch has actually also sold strongly in the United States this year, particularly after the early May release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Last month, Nintendo’s hybrid console finally surpassed the Wii’s life time sales in the United States. It is now reportedly closing in on Xbox 360 lifetime sales (less than a million systems away) and PlayStation 2 lifetime sales (less than 5 million units away).

Overall, Circana approximates the United States video games market to grow by around 3 %in 2023 year-over-year, bringing in $58.3 billion in revenue by the end of the year. Hardware sales have actually done the heavy lifting up until now, increasing 19% year-over-year compared to the same duration primarily thanks to the PS5’s strong performance.

Circana also noted the growing market of portable PCs, spearheaded by Valve’s Steam Deck and most recently by the release of ASUS ROG Ally, calling it ‘among the most interesting areas of development in videogames’.

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