Really, That AI Drake and The Weeknd Song Is Not Eligible for a Grammy

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< div class="sc-1eow4w5-2 fDJNBs has-data img-wrapper"contenteditable=" incorrect"data-link-reference=""data-link-target=" "data-syndicationrights="real"data-imagerights= "getty"data-hide=" incorrect” data-hidecredit =”incorrect” >< period data-id= "e6fe7f7cc7c2394a3835ee34a6a0da38"data-recommend-id= "image:// e6fe7f7cc7c2394a3835ee34a6a0da38 "data-format="png "data-width="2394"data-height="1340"data-lightbox="real"data-recommended= "real"data-hide=" incorrect “class=”js_recommend” > The legend of the AI-generated tune that seems like The Weeknd and Drake continues. After the head honcho behind the Grammys suggested that interview with The New York Times. Mason Jr. exposed in his Instagram video, which was published on Friday, that the tune is really not qualified for factor to consider at the next Grammys voting cycle. Despite the fact that the tune was composed by a human, a strange personality who passes Ghostwriter977, Mason Jr. states that the similarities of Drake and The Weeknd’s voices were not lawfully acquired or cleared by the particular artists. That therefore disqualifies the tune from the”Song of the Year”and” Best Rap Song” classifications it was sent to. Advertisement Earlier this summer season, Mason Jr. set out the a text-based generative AI like ChatGPT or among the numerous music-generating apps that have actually started to multiply. Considering that Ghostwriter977 is a human, they in theory would win the award, not an AI or The Weeknd or Drake– though it’s unclear how Grammy citizens would react to among their own being spoofed by a computer system. In Ghostwriter977’s particular case, they will win absolutely nothing this time around. Advertisement Advertisement Drake and The Weeknd are not the only artists being impersonated by a computer system program. Ghostwriter977 just recentlyexposed on Twitter that they had actually developed a tune with the voices of 21 Savage and Travis Scott ( and it sounds scarily precise). At the exact same time begged streaming services to avoid AI from accessing music information in a quote to stop the expansion of training AI to seem like popular artists. More just recently,

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