Realme GT5 is the First Phone in the Market That Will Officially Let You Change the CPU’s Clock Speed

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Changing a CPU’s clock speed is nothing brand-new, a minimum of not in the PC world where I am from. PC lovers have been doing this for many years and without stopping. However, altering the clock speed of a smart device’s processor is still something that is brand-new, and not a great deal of individuals are familiar with the concept of it. Sure, you can root your phone and start with overclocking or underclocking, however the Realme GT5 is about to become the very first phone that will formally let you do it with no other tools required. While this is fantastic, it does raise some issues that I will speak about later on in this post.

The Realme GT5 will let you overclock its CPU, however this raises concerns about thermal throttling and the phone’s general safety

The Realme GT5 is the upcoming smartphone from the Chinese company, and they have actually validated that the upcoming mobile phone will let you adjust the clock speeds of your phone’s CPU. For those wondering, the brand-new flagship will launch with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and while that is nothing brand-new, the capability to overclock the CPU is something that we have not officially seen in any mobile phone.

As you can see in the image above that was shared on Webi, you can pick from different clock speeds. I am not exactly sure if you are going to get an alternative for manual overclocking but presets are not a bad thing, either, particularly for those who are not well-versed in the idea of overclocking. Although the Realme GT5 is the first phone to get this function, I do hope that this feature encompasses other devices, too.

Now, although it is excellent that Realme GT5 is taking a step further, I do have some concerns in regards to thermal throttling and other heat-related issues. Due to the fact that people unfamiliar with overclocking and how it works might end up harming their devices, it is great that manual controls are not a thing at the moment. I do think that Realme has actually confirmed these settings, so you will not be running into any concerns as far as the device’s safety is worried.

Fortunately is that the Realme GT5 is a powerhouse through and through, as it will feature up to 24 gigs of RAM, 1TB of storage and will be releasing on August 28th in China. There is an opportunity of seeing this device launch internationally, so we will keep an eye out for when that takes place.

Do you believe phones require the feature that permits you to overclock or underclock the CPU, or is this just a trick? Let us know your thoughts in the remarks listed below.

News Source: Weibo

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